Children's Summer course 2019. Make yourself a knife

Simona and Alexander now no living in my town, but every summer they come to their grandmother's for a few weeks and take an intensive (daily) course in my studio.

What have we not done? This year, the project is ambitious - making a knife.

Nobody want to give a prognose what and whether it will work out.

I will give the story day by day and hope for a happy end

  Day 1                

Who's my knife?

  Day 2               

We continue.
Steel T5MOS

If I write it that they did everything, I will not be honest.
First meeting with belt and angle grinders. Wow, that's a serious thing

  Day 3               

Choosing a wood and roughly shaping the handles

  Day 4               

Steel Hardening Day

Hm, for T5MOS not too bad

  Day 5              


Great Bear and Great Bear

  Day 6              


  Day 7              


  Ден 8               

It's time for reviews and diplomas


With this ended our story.

The next summer we purpose to make a Kalashnikov..... 

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  1. Браво на майстор Евгени Димов за чудесната идея, за търпението и за огънчето, което е запалил в тези деца! Браво и на децата за старанието и за отличните резултати от техния труд!

  2. Благодарим!
    Всъщност наистина се потрудихме добре ☺