Kristina Simeonova
This class is incredibly inspiring and gives not only plenty of knowledge but also the motivation to push forward into the art of engraving. Evgeni is exceptional as a person and his professional approach and craftsmanship made this class an absolute pleasure.
Thank you!

 Maria Peteva
Thе course of Evgeni Dimov is truly an in-depth introduction to the craft of engraving. From sharpening your tools to cutting the metal in neat and professional way. All questions were answered with professionalism of the highest level. Evgeni was an engaging and inspirational teacher and working with him was truly pleasant. Respect!

 Marian Grozdev
Exceptional personality and unique creativity! Thanks for the hospitality and shared knowledge!
You are a truly engraving magician!


 Violeta Geleva
Thank you Maestro, for the incredible experience, for the professionalism, for the teaching talent!
We set the beginning!  The road lies ahead.


 Rumen Dimitrov
Great as a human and teacher, and a unique master engraver.
I highly recommend!!!
Special thanks


 Zlatka Kristensen
The course was very interesting! I strongly recommend!


 Ivo Maslarski
I am very pleased with the course. Useful knowledge and skills imparted by a dedicated person in a very pleasant environment.
Thank you Evgeni !


 Enyo Burov
The course is filled with interesting and useful information. Practical activities give a great start to anyone interested in engraving. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get involved.


Petyo Koshev 

An excellent combination of theory and practice. Emphasis is placed on clarification, explanation and demonstration.


Petar Petrov 

I am pleased with the course. Everything is explaine and show in great detail. The atmosphere is friendly and casual.


Kristian Simeonov  

I am very pleased with the course. I learned many new and useful things.

Thank you Evgeni !!!


Marina Boncheva 

A very useful course. Some of the most enjoyable days I spent this year.  I would like to have more such courses.


Veronica Dimova 

The cource teaches detailed and profound knowelage about fundamental engraving tehniques, toolmaking and materials.
Heartfelt thanks  for patience and attention to every student.
Extremely useful for beginners or advanced engravers!


Galin Donchev 

An extremely useful course that gave me a lot both as knowledge and as a practice. Evgeny finds the best way to convey the specific matter in a comprehensible and memorable way. Thanks for being part of this year's edition.


Todor Kazangiev 

Thanks for the three days I learned a lot of new things I did not know how they are getting.
I met good people with knowledge.
I hope to see you again.


Anna Medarska 

Evgeni Dimov is an outstanding  engraver and teacher. He succeeds in teaching and motivating you. The course that is being held gives a foundation for creative development and reveals new opportunities.


Gergana Hristova 

Wonderful  course, unique experience, I have acquired valuable skills and left enriched by invaluable encounters.


Ivan Tanchev 

This time I managed to touch the magic of engraving!


Nikoleta Koleva

I learned new things that I will practice in the future.
It was wonderful.


Emanuil Zhivkov

Great master class! Quite detailed, with great attention.
Big thanks to Evgeni for this concern!


Daniel Danailov

Extremely useful course. I learned a lot of things I  had the opportunity to do in practice. Thanks to Evgeny for helping us develop our skills.


Reni Elinova 

A very useful course.
We acquire unique skills!


Irena Gancheva

A very useful and interesting MasterClass  that provides the basis for developing skills and using new means of expression in  work of the master


Nadezhda Stanulova 

Amazing engraving master class here in Sopot, Bulgaria, frganizeet by Evgeni Dimov 
I'm inspirad by him to work with wood.


Victoria Ilcheva

 Dear Evgeni!  I want to drop you a line and thank you for the great atmosphere during the course.You not only taught us how to deal better with dtfferent techniques of engraving, but also gave us confidence and inspiration.           
Best regards,  Victoria  

Rozalia Petrova

It was a wonderful experience, useful and enjoyable. Among the Sopot ethnographic museum, these three days were a real touch to the authentic Bulgarianness. Evgeni is a wonderful teacher and a man,  patient and dedicated. And all against the background of the early spring ....
Thanks, Evgeni!

Dolya Koleva

The Master Class  is valuable,  because it preserves and develops skills associated with traditional crafts.


Radostin Mihnev

Great course! Very nice and useful.


Stanislav Nedialkov

Every touch to the crafts with a teacher like Evgeni is an unforgettable experience


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