Master class course of fine wood carving , metal engraving and inlays , 20-22 April 2018

Photos  of the master class course that took place in my studio with topics:
  • fine wood carving
  • hand metal engraving

  • inlays
which took place in my studio on 20, 21 and  22 April 2018 .

Topics :
  • structure of  metal engraver and chisel,  angles, materials for making them
  • sharpening
  • work with handpush, h&c  and airgraver     
  • inscription on metal
  • Celtic ornamentation, acanth, spirals, shading
  • 2D metal  engraving
  • Metal inlay
  • Contour  design, background and level removal  on metal and wood
  • paints, coatings

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